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Photography has always been a passion of mine. I love capturing people in their true form. To say I always get so excited before a photo shoot is an understatement because nothing makes me happier than seeing a client light up over a beautiful photo. The fact that I can capture this moment in time for them so perfectly makes my heart soar with happiness. They say, "a picture says a thousand words," and I truly believe it does. There is something so beautiful about capturing a moment in order to always preserve the littlest of details. 


Now a little about me:

I am happily married to an amazing husband, and we have one very active little 4 year old boy, and our beautiful newborn daughter who was born in July 2018. Both, who you will see a ton of photos of because I am one proud mama! My family is my world, and my rock. They keep me grounded. And I truly thank the good Lord every single day for blessing me with them. Life is truly amazing & I always want to capture it. 

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