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2023 Senior Draper Alka

It it with our great pleasure to introduce to you, Draper Alka!

A Few Of His Favorites

Draper enjoys farming, riding dirt bikes, welding, and hanging out with his friends! In their free time, Draper and his friends like to hang out and ride dirt bikes! His favorite thing is his Hagie Sprayer. He loves operating it and could spend all day every day in it moving from field to field! Draper shares with us that his favorite person is his dad, Jared! He has always believed in him and has taught him about life. He has always stood by his side and always had his back! Draper says the people he looks up to the most are his parents. He has the upmost respect for them because they have always been there for him no matter what!

Future Plans

While Draper is undecided on where he would like to further his education, he does know that he would like to some day pursue a career in Agri-Business and Welding Technology. When he grows up he wants to be able to continue farming with his dad! In 5 years, Draper can see himself still farming with his dad and hopefully starting a welding business. In 10 years, he an see himself farming, welding, and owning a few more businesses! A man with a plan! Draper says his biggest life goal is to be successful in his work & have good friends and a family of his own!

Social Media

Instagram: draper_alka05

Draper says his favorite social media platform is Snapchat because he's met and continues to meet lot of new people through it!

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