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Allie Raynae Zurliene | One Year Milestone

Allie Raynae Zurliene

1/22/21 @ 2:39 PM

7lbs 12 oz 22 inches

Women’s hospital at Gateway

Where did the baby’s name originate?

Allie came from Craig’s grandmother whose name was Alice. All of her nieces and nephews called her “Allie”. Raynae came from my grandmother who’s middle name was Raynae. Raynae is also my middle name.

What are the baby’s favorite things?

She loves her Puppy, Leo. She is really into all foods. She LOVES to eat. Her favorite TV shoe is Sesame Street, and she loves music.

What did they love at 3, 6, 9, 12 months?

When she was 6 months old is when we really started to notice that she would want us over other people. She would reach for us when we came into the room.

How has their personality grown in those months?

She is really growing into her own person. She is not afraid to tell you what she wants. She loves to wave to people and pat people on the back. She refuses to give kisses. If you try to sneak one she will push your face away. She knows “more” in sign language and uses that to tell us she is hungry.

Who is their favorite person?

Right now her favorite person is Mom. She says “mom mom mom” all of the time. Currently, she is an only child (for now).

What did you love most about your sessions throughout their first year?

We love working with Allie! She is always so patient and professional. Her work is always top of the line! I’m so glad she was able to capture my Allie through her first year

6 Month

Newborn Album


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