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Allyson Pierce | Class of 2021

Meet Allyson Pierce!

Ally is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School. Her interests and hobbies include cooking and baking.

Future Plans

Ally plans to attend Vincennes University after high school to study to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. In five years, she sees herself doing a job that she loves and helping people. In ten years, she sees herself still doing the job she loves and living where she wants.

Ally's Favorite Things

Ally loves spending time with her family. Her favorite person is her twin sister, Addy. When she hangs out with her friends, they like to hang out at each other's houses and play games together.

Life Goal & More

Ally's life goal is to help people so they can live a better life. Her idol in life is her sister, Shelby Jones, because she has been through a lot throughout her life and is very strong. Ally believes her best feature is her kindness.

Social Media

Instagram @ally_pierce14

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