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Anna Crummley One Year Milestone | 2022

This beautiful girl turned one year old on September 9th, 2022! She was born at 11:22AM, weighing 7lbs9oz and 19 3/4inches at St. Vincent's Hospital in Evansville, IN!

The Name

Anna's parents knew they wanted a pretty, classic name and they just kept coming back to Anna! Anna's father's great grandma and her mothers great, great grandma's were named Anna! Her middle name, Eloise, is a combination of her dad's grandma, Lois, and her mom's grandma, Elise!

A Few Of Her Favorites

At 3 months, Anna loved mommy milk, play time on her mat, and she loved tummy time! She loved her lullaby lamb at bedtime!

At 6 months, she loved rolling and scooting around, She loved trying new foods and splashing around in the bath

At 9 months, Anna loved swimming in the bool and cruising the furniture. She loved playing with her toys and big sisters toys too!

Now, at 12 months, Anna loves being able to walk and keep up with everybody! She loves baby dolls and little people. She still loves to smile! Her favorite person is mommy!

How She's Grown

Anna has always been a smiley, happy baby but she is really starting to show more sides of herself! She is playful and fun! She is becoming more confident and rambunctious! Mom shares with us that Anna is walking and climbing on everything!

What Did You Love About Your Sessions Throughout Their First Year?

"We loved getting some beautiful outdoor shots and, of course, we always love working with Allie. She's just the best. She makes it so easy." -Julie Crummley

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