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Anthony Bleyer USM

Meet the incredible Anthony Bleyer! Anthony is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School.

A Few Of His Favorites

Anthony enjoys reading, playing guitar, music, running, working out, and going to church! In their free time, Anthony & his friends like to work out, talk, and goof around with each other! His favorite feature about himself is his smile! Anthony's favorite thing is music! He shares that music is a solution to a lot of problems for him. He likes to listen when he's cleaning or if he's bored doing some sort of task! His favorite people are his family! His idol is Jesus Christ and if he could meet anyone it would be Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day! He would also like to sit and talk to his Grandpa Nightrain and listen to his great stories!

Future Plans

Anthony plans to attend the University of Southern Indiana where he will study business and pre-law! When he grows up, he wants to be a lawyer! In 5 years, Anthony can see himself attending law school after he obtains his bachelors in business! In 10 years, he can see himself married and practicing law and business somewhere in small town USA!


Anthony is a member of the Cross Country/Track team, Marching Aces, Musicals, FBLA, National Honor Society, Interact(Rotary), Aces For Christ, CEO Alumni

Social Media

Instagram: a_bleyer2003

Anthony shares that his favorite social media platform is Instagram because he can find a lot of funny stuff there and that's where he obtains all his gym knowledge!

Black & White

#UltimateSeniorModel #SilvernaleSeniors #SouthernIllinois #SouthernIndiana #Senior #ClassOf2023

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