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Aria & Isla | Milestone 2021

Meet these adorable sisters!

Aria is five years old and Isla is one year old. They both have birthdays in June so they will be turning six & two years old very soon!


Isla loves playing outside, having dance parties, play with puzzles, read books, build towers (& then knock them over), and color. Isla talks all the time. She is very independent and loves doing things all by herself. Isla loves her older sister, Aria, very much and loves to be her little shadow.


Aria is a social butterfly. She loves making new friends (everywhere she goes), playing outside, drawing and writing her own stories, reading books, making YouTube videos (aka videos on her mom's phone lol), playing board games, and going on adventures. Aria wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, and to say she loves animals would be a huge understatement! Her "lambie" is her favorite thing, which is a stuffed animal that her mom received at her baby shower.

Best Friends

Aria is a little mom, in all the best ways. She loves to care for and help out with her little sister, which is sometimes a struggle with Miss Independent. They love reading books together, playing pretend cats and dogs ALL the time, and love snuggling up for a good, classic Disney movie.

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"Our session was great! it was so cool to see the sweetest moments (pictures) come in the midst of the chaos of trying to get the two girls to cooperate at the same time. Allie is great at what she does, and my girls loved her!" - Reilly Wellborn

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