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Ashlyn Peach - Class of 2022

Meet the absolutely beautiful, Ashlyn Raya Peach! Ashlyn is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School. She enjoys doing Color Guard and Musical Theatre.

Future Plans

Ashlyn plans to attend the University of Southern Indiana where she will study to become a dental hygienist! In 5 years, she can see herself graduating from USI with a bachelors in dental hygiene and hopefully working as one. In 10 years, Ashlyn says she can see herself having a steady career and hopefully a life full of happiness and love! Her biggest life goal is to just be happy and content with everything!


Ashlyn is involved with Color Guard and the Spring Musicals at Mount Carmel High School. She is also a member of the National Honor Society.

A Few of Her Favorites

Ashlyn says her favorite feature about herself is her hair because in the sun it looks little bit red/golden and lots of people say it looks so pretty but she also loves her eyes! In their free time, Ashlyn and her friends enjoy driving around singing songs in her car while snacking and laughing about the most ridiculous things! Her favorite things are sweet tea and chicken tenders! Ashlyn says her favorite people are her boyfriend, Chase and her best friend, Elizabeth! She informs us that she doesn't really have an idol but she does love God! If she could meet anyone, it would be Blake Lively!

Social Media

Instagram: @ash_peach_7

Facebook: apeach77

Ashlyn shares with us that her favorite social media platform is Instagram because she enjoys seeing what her friends are doing and posting cute pictures.

Black & White

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