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Avery Hayden - Class of 2022

Meet the gorgeous, Avery Hayden!

Avery is a senior at Mount Carmel High School. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, playing with her dogs, and running! Avery says her favorite feature about herself is her eyes because people are always complimenting the way they hold so many colors!

Future Plans

Avery shares with us that she plans to attend either John A Logan College or Wabash Valley college and then transferring to SIUe. There, she plans to study nursing to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner for an OBGYN. Avery says in 5 years she can see herself finished with her schooling or about to finish and in 10 years, she says, she will be doing what she loves with her two dogs and cat!

Hobbies, Interests, and Extracurriculars

Avery currently plays softball for her school team and for a travel team. In her free time, Avery likes to get her nails done with friends, shop, and go out to eat!

A Few of her Favorite Things

Avery says her favorite thing is her dog and her favorite person is DEFINITELY her mom! Her mom is her best friend and is always there when she needs her most, She has also named her mom as her idol!

Life Goals & More

Avery's life goal is to be successful. She also shares with us that if she could meet anyone (again) it would be her grandma!

Social Media

Avery's favorite social media platform is instagram. She says every time she opens it she is able to see her friends and the gorgeous photos they post!

Instagram - @_averyhayden_

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