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Future Mr+Mrs. Baker of Southern Indiana Celebrate Their Engagement

Meet Kayla & Ryan

Kayla and Ryan first knew of each other by going to the same high school. Ryan tried to talk to Kayla for years before they started dating but Kayla pushed him off. Until one day, Ryan made the first move and messaged her through Instagram and that is when it all began. They have now been together for four and a half years.

The One

Ryan knew Kayla was the one after he first kissed her.

Kayla knew he was the one instantly. He asked what her goals were in life which motivated her to reach those goals right from the get-go. He has always made her feel special and still does. A year after they had started dating, Kayla's grandmother passed away after a long battle with cancer. She meant so much to her and felt so blessed that she was able to spend time with Ryan before she passed. She is so thankful that he was able to comfort her during that hard time.

The Proposal

Ryan proposed to Kayla on Christmas Eve as they were opening gifts with family. Kayla had waited so long for him to do it, and it took her by surprise when she turned around and he was down on one knee. The ring is from Camelot jewelers. Ryan had taken Kayla to look at rings, and when she saw the one, Ryan could tell that she was in love with it!

Why do you love them?

From Ryan, he loves that Kayla is loving, caring, warm-hearted, trusting, and compassionate. From Kayla, she loves Ryan for being himself. He has supported her from the very beginning and has been one of her biggest motivators. He is hard working whether he is at work or doing stuff around the house.

Favorite Memory Together

They have so many special memories together, their favorites include laughing until they cry and playing jokes on each other. They love sitting around the fire and enjoying each other’s company.

Their Song

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Engagement Session

“Allie made it very fun and entertaining! We definitely laughed until we cried a few times. But overall it was a very smooth session and I was definitely anxious to see all the photos at the end of the session!” - Kayla

Why did you choose Silvernale Photography as your wedding photographer?

“We chose Silvernale Photography because I saw how beautiful of a job Allie did on my cousin’s senior photos. After snooping through more pictures, I instantly knew Allie had to do our pictures!” - Kayla

From Allie, "Kayla and Ryan are truly so sweet together and the way they look at each other can give you goosebumps. I'm so excited to be shooting their wedding on May 15, 2021! Congratulations Kayla and Ryan! So many prayers for your upcoming marriage as you get closer and closer to navigating life together with two simple beautiful words, "I do!" Cheers to you two!"

A little Black+White Love

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