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Beau + Emily Couples Session | Fall 2020

Meet this gorgeous couple, Beau and Emily!

How They First Met

Emily was working the concession stand at her son's football game. She went to take Beau's order and he stuttered a bit but eventually spit out, "Popcorn." When Emily walked by a couple of minutes later, Beau said to his brother in law, "There's my girlfriend." His brother in law laughed and said "Nuh-uh!" Then Beau said, "Yeah I know, I wish. Maybe someday!"

Beau's sister, a good friend of Emily's, came up to her and told her that Beau won't stop talking about her. Emily replied with "Oh my gosh! That's your little brother!" They both laughed and not another word came up about it.

When Their Love Story Began

Beau messaged Emily two months later after they ran into each other at the football game and the rest was history! They will be together for one year come November.

Favorite Way to Spend Time Together

Beau & Emily love to just be in each other's presence. They love to cook together, sit on the couch together and watch each other dose off, and to watch their kids play together.

Why Did You Choose Silvernale Photography?

"Both of us are camera shy, but we wanted Allie to capture the real us. We constantly laugh and joke around, and we wanted to show that love in our pictures. Beau just bought a house and we want to decorate the house with the beautiful art Allie creates!" - Emily

Black + White Love

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