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Brewer Family | Summer 2022

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Meet the beautiful Brewer Family!

Michael, Alex, James (10), Adam (8), Benjamin (6), and Jack(2)

Favorite Features

Michael & Alex have been married for 13 years, but started dating for the first time 22 years ago! They are thankful for a relationship now centered on Christ & seeking to love and serve each other and their boys!

James is the helpful, independent oldest who loves to lead the pack! At any given time, you can find him trying to start a business with his friends and brothers! James loves to tell jokes and is the MOST energetic!

Adam is the quiet thinker! He adores his older brother, James and loves coming up with fun things to do with his brothers. He is very loyal to his parents and brothers and is the MOST creative!

Benjamin is the talkative, sports loving kiddo! All the boys enjoy sports, but you can often find Benjamin dressed up in some sort of uniform, writing down plays, hosting pretend games with his sports figurines, or getting in reps with a football or baseball! He is the MOST imaginative.

Jack is the youngest who loves ALL the attention. He loves all his big brother, but he is particularly fond of Benjamin! He currently wants anyone and everyone to play "Choo-choo" with him on his wooden train track. He is the MOST cuddly!

Favorite Thing To Do + Favorite Memory

The Brewers' favorite things to do as a family are travel, play games & sports, eat, swim, read, go to football games, & go to church! Their favorite memories are the ones they make when they're playing together as a family! Mom says she keeps a running log in her phone of all the funny things that they say and do!

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"During our session, we really appreciated how efficient Allie was! It's not easy to keep 4 boys engaged in a photo session, but Allie quickly got the job done and came up with some great photos! Thank you, Allie!" - Alex Brewer

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