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Briar Dean Ballard | First Year

| Briar Dean Ballard

March 2, 2021

1:24 am weighing 8lbs & 21 inches long

Born at Good Sam in Mt. Vernon

Where did the baby’s name originate?

We came upon his name on a baby name website.

What are the baby’s favorite things?

Briar's favorite things right now are his dogs, being outside, and anything with wheels!

What did they love at 3, 6, 9, 12 months?

At 3 months he loved his Otteroo and his feet.

At 6 months he loved to jump! He still loved playing with his feet and exploring new things.

At 9 months he went on his first vacation! He loved being able to crawl wherever he wanted!!

How has their personality grown in those months?

He is such a happy baby. He knows he is funny so he always wants to make sure you are watching him so that you will laugh with him!!

Walking? Any good stories?

He will walk when he wants to!!

What did you love most about your sessions throughout their first year?

I loved being able to watch him grow through pictures! Allie was always so amazing with him! Her son even helped make Briar smile during his 6 month session. We can't thank Silvernale Photography enough for capturing Briar's first year!!

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