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Caleb Douglas | Class Of 2023

Introducing, Mr. Caleb Douglas! Caleb is a senior this year at Gibson Southern High School! We had such a blast getting to know this incredible young man! Thank you for choosing Silvernale Photography!

A Few Of His Favorites

Caleb enjoys trap shooting. He is also in band and esports with his friends. Caleb believes his favorite feature about himself is that he is reasonable & thoughtful. In their free time, Caleb and his friends like to stay the night at each other's homes and stay up very late watching movies/tv shows and playing games together! Caleb says his favorite thing is chicken wings. "As funny as it sounds, they are delicious no matter how you eat them, and can always put you in a good mood". Well said, good sir! Caleb's favorite person is Annalise Folsom. The pair has been dating for just over 18 months and the rest is history! Caleb believes they've got a good thing going and can't wait to see where the future will take them! Caleb shares with us that his dad is his hero! "He knew everything about pretty much anything and I spent the most time with him". If Caleb could meet anyone again, it would be his dad! He passed away about 2 years ago. He would like for his father to know that he's grown up and has turned into a man that he knows he would be proud of!

Future Plans

Caleb plans to join a trade! He hopes to become a union electrician! In 5 years he said he can see himself having completed his internship and will have his license to work for whoever he chooses! In 10 years, Caleb hopes to have secured a respectable position and will most likely own his own home or apartment in Evansville, Caleb shares that his biggest life goal isn't fame or anything dramatic, it is simply to achieve his own version of happiness and to be a light to everyone around him!


Caleb shoots trap for Gibson Southern. He is also a member of Mr. Osborn's esports team.

Social Media

Instagram: cdouglas23

Caleb shares that his favorite social media platform is Instagram because it is easier to use and the suggested reels are genuinely funny most of the time!

Black + White

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