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Callie Vaughan | Class of 2021

Meet the gorgeous Callie Vaughan!

Callie is a senior this year at Fairfield High School.

Hobbies & Interests

Callie loves to read and watch Netflix in her free time. She has two jobs, Chuck Wagon Charlies and #NoTanLines. Her extracurricular activities include being on the Lady Mules Volleyball Team, being an FFA Officer, and Trap Shooting Team. When hanging out with her friends, she loves going on country cruises' and listening to music.

College & Studies

Callie plans to attend an IECC community college to finish her Associates's degree and then transfer to a four-year university for her Bachelor's degree in an undecided major. Callie is not certain on what career path she is wanting to pursue, but whatever she ends up doing, she wants to be happy with it.

Future Plans

In five years, Callie hopes to be finished with college, starting her career and having a home in a different state. In ten years, she sees herself being married, having a family, being financially stable, and overall happy.

Favorite Things

Callie's favorite thing is sunsets. She loves that they show the beauty that is in every day. Her favorite person is her sister. She is her best friend and is always there for her. Callie believes her best feature is her smile, missing tooth & all, simply because it isn't like everyone else.

Life Goal & More

Callie's life goal is to be happy and successful no matter what path she chooses. Her idol is her mom, because she is smart, witty and such a hard worker. She knows she would do anything for her and she can only aspire to be like her. If she could meet anyone, dead or alive, it would be Marilyn Monroe. Callie would have loved to meet her because she was not only a successful women, but an iconic symbol of beauty in the 1950s. Callie wishes she could learn from her and teach her friends and young women that everyone has their own imperfections, but to be comfortable in their own skin.

Social Media

Facebook: Callie Vaughan

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