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Delaney Thompson | Class Of 2023

Meet the absolutely stunning Delaney Nicole Thompson. She is a senior this year at Thompson Academy!

A Few Of Her Favorites

Delaney enjoys hunting and playing volleyball! She also enjoys singing and playing keyboard. Delaney shares with us that her favorite feature about herself is her eyes and her smile! In their free time, Delaney and her friends like to go to church and hang out! Although she wasn't able to narrow down just one favorite person, she says she loves her family and loves spending time with them!!

Future Plans

After graduation, Delaney plans to attend a school of ministry! When she grows up, she wants to be a wife & mother! Delaney's biggest life goal is to travel the world!


Delaney plays volleyball for Ambassador Christian Academy!

Social Media

Instagram: DelaneyThomp9

Delaney shares with us that her favorite social media platform is Instagram.

Black & White

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