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Duff Family | Milestone Session + Maternity

Bronagh Charlotte was born 12/1/18 at 7lb 6 Oz.

Ronan Henry Duff was born 1/10/21 at 7lb 12oz at 8:40am

Both our babies have Irish names in honor of their dad's family. Jonathan is from Dublin and has been living in the US for 9 years this year! Bronagh loves being a big sister, and Ronan loves exploring everything, especially by putting everything in his mouth. His favorite thing to do is to chase big sis as she runs.

Duff Baby #3

As far as baby, I am due at the end of April. We knew Allie would take amazing photos (because she always does), so we waited to share our news until we could share one of her photographs as our announcement.

We started working with Allie when we were pregnant with Bronagh, and since then have always come to her to capture our family in all its stages. She always manages to get amazing images that show us perfectly in our "us" and we make fun memories along the way. The kids love seeing her and watching her work.


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