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Dylan Marie Silvernale | 4 Year Milestone

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

This perfectly sweet little girl turned FOUR years old on July 2, 2022!

A Few Of Her Favorites

Dylan Marie says her favorite colors are pink & purple! Her favorite movies are Elsa and Anna, Gods Not Dead & Left Behind. Dylan's favorite things to do are play outside, hug her bubby, & gymnastics! Her favorite foods are peanut butter & jelly, Mac N Cheese, Noodles, Bunny O's, spaghetti, & lasagna! Her favorite people are Reese & Wylie, Isla & James, & Jack Jack. She loves her sessions with Silvernale Photography because she gets to pose for mommy!

When Dylan Grows Up

When Dylan grows up, she wants to be just like Auntie Mel and do hair and nails! She is the sweetest girl, even when she doesn't want to show it!

Hero & Talents

Allie shares with us that Dylans heroes are Jesus & God! She looks up to Tyson, her big brother! Her special skills include praisin' Jesus! This girl loves worship music!

Black & White

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