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Ellie Marie Ivers | 5 Year Milestone

This perfectly sweet little girl is officially 5 years old! We have loved having the opportunity to watch her grow over the last few years! Thank you for choosing Silvernale Photography!

A Few Of Her Favorites

Ellie loves to sleep with taggies! She also loves rest time and center time at school! Ellie's favorite color is white, although mom thought just last week that it might have been purple! HAHA! Her favorite movie is Mickey Mouse Funhouse! Her favorite thing to do is watch TV! Ellie says she loves mashed potatoes but mom thinks her actual favorite food might be chicken nuggets! Ellie's favorite people are her cousins, Aubrey and William, and she loves spending time with Mamaw and Aunt Kelly! Ellie says her hero is her Aunt Judy because she's the best! Plain & simple!

Future Plans + Talents

Ellie wants to be a nurse like her mommy when she grows up! Ellie shares with us that she believes her "roll" is her special skill BUT, not like the food, definitely like the somersault done at gymnastics! HAHA! Mom shares with us that her negotiating skills are stellar and it seems quite obvious that she is a little lawyer in training!

Favorite Part Of Her Session?

"Having a fashion show & then playing with Dylan" - Ellie Ivers

Black & White

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