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The Foshee Family | Fall 2020

Meet the beautiful Foshee family!

Aaron and Becca, and their sweet kiddos, Raelynn (3 years old) and Rhett (1-year-old).


Raelynn is the Foshee's little sour patch girl! She is incredibly independent and strong-willed, but she is also the sweetest little girl. She can brighten anyone's day just by being her! She is so kind and loves being social and tells anyone and everyone in the grocery stores "Hi." Raelynn is also fearless. She is a little daredevil. She is very loving to her baby brother, and will pull him into any of her crazy ideas!


Rhett is such a loving little boy. He is very sweet and loves to give kisses and hugs and always wants to cuddle or be held. He is like his sister in the way that he can make anyone's day brighter. He is also his Daddy's little sidekick and wants to be in the action when he is working on anything.

Aaron + Becca

Becca loves that Aaron has such a good heart and is her best friend. He is always standing in the corner rooting for her to succeed. He is a wonderful father to their children and works so hard to provide for the family with no complaints. He always makes time to play with the kids and spend time with her.

Aaron loves Becca because she has such a good heart and has the backs of the ones she loves, no matter what! He says people may see Becca as beautiful on the outside, but it has no match to her beauty on the inside. She is such a loving, and caring mother.

What They Love To Do

The Foshee's love to pile in the Jeep and go look for "reindeer," which is what Raelynn calls deer. Raelynn & Becca sit in the backseat as she yells "Here reindeer," and Rhett sits on his Daddy's lap to help him drive.

Family Roles

Aaron is definitely the prankster of the family. Raelynn is the trouble maker, and Rhett is the instigator. Becca is more of the worrier of the family, she says the three of them are always up to something and she is always scared someone will get hurt.

Why Did You Choose Silvernale Photography?

"We love everything about our sessions, from the way Allie makes everything so fun and relaxing! She is literally a magician with her camera! She is so patient when our kids are simply just not having it! she makes family pictures fun instead of being stressful, and her pictures come out stunning every time!

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