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Future Mr. & Mrs. Balding | Engagement 2021

Meet this gorgeous couple, Alec & Brittany!

When It All Began....

Alec & Brittany began their love story in the McDonalds parking lot & have been together for 6 years now! Brittany shares with us that it was actually Alec that made the first move!

The One

Alec says he remembers that he was driving his truck home one day and thinking about things and suddenly realized that Brittany was the one.

Brittany recalls that after a brief period of separating she knew she couldn't live without him.

Favorite Moment Together

For Alec, the best moment was the day he met Brittany.

Brittany says her favorite moment was when Alec accidentally ordered HER in the drive through speaker when she worked at McDonalds!

The Ring & Proposal

The most interesting part of their proposal is that there wasn't one! Alec told Brittany on a Friday night, after her reminding him that he needed to get a ring, that he had already purchased one! They woke up bright and early the next morning and went to pick up the ring at Kay Jewelers! He asked her to marry him in the car in the parking lot!

The ring Alec had originally picked out didn't suit Brittany so they kept looking until she found what she LOVED! She chose a solitaire so that it could be paired with any wedding band!

Why Do You Love Them?

Alec says he loves Brittany because she makes him a better person. Brittany loves Alec because he never stops showing her how much he loves her!

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

Brittany informed us that they LOVED their session. She mentioned she was a little worried about Alec not cooperating (haha) but judging by their amazing shots, we don't think that was the case! Brittany mentioned that she had searched around for a photographer for their wedding and Silvernale Photography stood out the most to her!

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