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Future Mr & Mrs Falstrom | Engagement 2020

Meet Matthew and Sarah

Matthew and Sarah first met each other at their university during student orientation in 2017. Matthew made the first move to start dating and Sarah thought that they were just friends, but he had a different idea. They have been together for three years now.

When Did You Know They Were The One?

Matthew: "From the moment I saw her."

Sarah: "I don't remember an exact moment, I just knew that when we started dating, I felt like I would never date anyone else again."

The Ring

Matthew got the ring from Signature Diamonds in Knoxville, Tennesee. One day they happened to be browsing and decided to go in there. Sarah tried on a couple of rings, but there was one that stood out to both of them. Matthew loved it because it fit Sarah's tiny hand and it seemed as if it were made just for her.

Why Do You Love Them?

Matthew: "I love her because of her kind, generous spirit. She has such a big heart and is always willing to help anyone in need. She is my best friend and one of the most genuine human beings I have ever met in my life."

Sarah: "I love him because he is truly my best friend. I know he will never leave my side through whatever will come our way."

Favorite Moment Together

Matthew: "I love every moment with Sarah. My favorite moment we have experienced together so far was going to watch the sunrise at Max Patch in North Carolina, only for it to mist and rain on us the whole time."

Sarah: "I love every single moment together, but I absolutely love going on road trips with him. One of my favorite memories is driving from Atlanta back to Knoxville which takes about four hours, but instead of rushing back, we went the long way home, through the mountains, stopping at every little place we wanted to. We turned a four-hour drive into an eight-hour drive and it was honestly so fun because it was just the two of us experiencing the world and creating memories."

Their Song

Lady May by Tyler Childers. Matthew likes to change the words to "Lady Sarah."

Why Did You Choose Silvernale Photography?

"I have seen Allie's work prior to being engaged and she quickly became my #1 choice for when that time came. You can tell Allie is truly living out her God-given talent. Her photos are so beautiful and romantic. I also just love her personality." - Sarah

Black + White Love

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