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Future Mr.+Mrs. Margelin of Southern Illinois Celebrate Their Engagement

Meet Gabe & Kelsey

Gabe and Kelsey's love story began when they first met each other in high school choir. Gabe was the one to make the first move and they have now been together for eight years.

The One

Kelsey knew Gabe was the one after she saw how he supported her and was there for her every step of the way through pregnancy. And then seeing him become a father to their little boy was the icing on the cake. Gabe loves Kelsey because she has always been the person he can turn to. She is always fun to be around and accepts him for who he is. Kelsey loves Gabe because he always supports her no matter what the situation is. He makes her feel so happy.

The Proposal

Gabe proposed to Kelsey at their very first house they lived in together. He picked the perfect ring from Kay Jewelers because he thought it looked like something she would like.

Favorite Moments

Gabe's favorite moment with Kelsey is the day he asked her to marry him. Kelsey's favorite moment is anytime that they get to stay home together, hang out, sit back, and talk about life.

Engagement Session

Gabe and Kelsey loved their engagement session. They weren't nervous about anything prior to the session, they have had Allie do their photos before and knew she was the person they wanted to have capture their wedding.

Why did you choose Silvernale Photography?

"We chose Silvernale Photography because Allie's pictures are amazing, and not only that, but Allie is an amazing person! She is so friendly and makes everyone feel welcome. She also knows exactly how to have us stand and "pose" and what will look best." - Kelsey.

A Little Black+White Love

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