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Future Mr. & Mrs. Shelby | Engagement 2021

Love At First Snapchat

Rees and Haley met each other through mutual friends. They had known each other for a few years but didn't have each other on social media. Haley added Rees on Snapchat, but Rees sent the first message, and their relationship grew from there. They will be together for two years in April.

The One

Rees was interested in starting a relationship with Haley long before she was ready. He knew there was a connection between the two of them when they would hang out with friends. Rees knew they had a lot in common, and their personalities were similar, they were always laughing and had an amazing time together before they were a couple. When Rees got the opportunity to take the relationship further and call her his girlfriend, all the feelings and similarities he thought they had were even stronger than he imagined. At the end of the day, she was the only thing on his mind, he had never felt a connection with anyone else, and that's when he knew Haley was the one he wanted to spend forever with.

Haley knew Rees was the one from the start because of his passion for their relationship. She knew by his passion that he was in it forever. Rees has always made her feel special and has loved her unconditionally. She is forever grateful for him.

The Proposal

Both Haley and Rees have show vehicles that they take places, such as the Daytona Truck Meet. Haley had a Jeep Wrangler, and Rees has a Ram 2500 Megacab Dually. Rees wanted to get professional pictures of them together with their vehicles. While Haley was getting pictures with her Jeep, Rees was in the background letting his tailgate down and hung a quilt his mom made that said: "Will You Marry Me?" Haley says it was the sweetest moment ever and one that they will never forget.

The Ring

Rees had been paying close attention to Haley's style and figuring out what would suit her best. He knew she would be happy with anything he got her, which made it easier for him to feel comfortable making such a big decision. He took one of his good friends with him to pick out the ring. At first, he was looking for something that wasn't too big because Haley is a nurse, and he knew she would want a ring that fit under her gloves. But on the other hand, he knew Haley was his dream girl and wanted the ring to stand out so they both could show it off. Rees ended up buying a ring much bigger than anticipated, but he knew that it was the one as soon as he saw the ring. After looking at three stores online and five stores in person, he found the ring he loved the most at Helzberg Diamonds.

Why Do You Love Them?

Rees said he could spend hours typing up his answer, but he loves Haley because she is beautiful inside and out. She is the most loving and thoughtful person he knows. She loves him unconditionally and shows it every day. Haley brightens any room she walks in, and he says he is the luckiest guy in the world to call her his.

Haley loves Rees because he is her best friend and is always willing to pick her up when she's down. She knows that he will never give up on us and that they can work through whatever is thrown their way. She says Rees is such a kind person and that her family loves him is what makes her love him so much more.

Favorite Moments Together

Haley loves every moment with Rees, and they have done so much together, but some of her favorite memories of them are going boating in the summer. He has taught her to ski, wakeboard, and so much more. Rees is her number one fan.

Rees had a hard time pointing his favorite moment with Haley because there are so many. If he could choose one, it would be July 26, 2020, the day he asked Haley to marry him and she said yes. He will remember that day as one of the best days of his life.

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"We loved getting our engagement pictures done by Allie! She has an awesome personality and we were constantly laughing. We wanted a snow session and we were worried there would be no snow left by the time of the session because the temperature had been above freezing for a couple of days. Allie had a spot picked out where the snow hadn't even been touched. It was beautiful!" - Haley Rhoads

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