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Future Mr. & Mrs. Smith | Fall 2020

Meet Matt & Mady!

The two of them met at a friend's bonfire. Mady's mom and soon-to-be sister in law had talked about and worked together to set them up for a year before they had actually met each other. They have now been together for six years.

The One

Matt knew Mady was the one from the moment they were hanging around the bonfire and noticed that Mady knew every single word to his favorite song. From that moment, he knew they would be together forever. Mady knew Matt was the one after she saw the way he treated her friends and family. Not long after they starting dating, he became Uncle Matt and it makes her so happy to see him love them as much as she does.

The Ring & Proposal

Matt picked out the ring all on his own. One day after they had eaten lunch with Mady's nephew, Hunter, Matt told her he had to run some errands and went straight to Gottman's Custom Jewelry to pick out a ring without her knowing. Matt proposed to Mady on Christmas Eve in their living room. It had been a hard year for both of them, and he wanted something good to come out of it and decided to propose.

Why Do You Love Them?

Matt and Mady love each other because they are truly each other's best friends. Matt has been by Mady's side in the good and bad times in her life, and she knows she can always lean on him.

Favorite Moment Together

Mady's favorite moment together was their first Fourth of July together. They went with her family to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and then drove to Kentucky Lake with their friends to spend the long weekend there. She said it was one of the best weekends. Matt's favorite moment was when they got their dog, Oakley, together, and he also loved the weekend of the Fourth of July.

Their Songs

Lady May by Tyler Childers and Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp.

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"We loved every moment of our engagement session. It was the perfect day. Allie made us feel so comfortable. I wasn't nervous about anything. I had talked to Allie a lot before the session and she made everything feel stress-free. I would recommend Allie to anyone, she is the perfect photographer." - Mady Keepes.

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