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Future Mr. & Mrs. Cook | Engagement

Meet this beautiful couple, Brenden & Jayna!

When It All Began...

Brendon & Jayna met 11 years ago while working at Sonic Drive In. They started talking again many years later after Jayna poked Brendon on Facebook. They have now been together for three and a half years! Jayna was actually the first to make a move! She asked him to be her boyfriend on their fourth date while they were out at dinner.


Jayna says she knew Brendon was the one on their first date. She was so comfortable with him instantly! She says, usually, first dates are awkward but it was absolutely perfect!

Brendon knew Jayna was the one when he skipped work one day to spend the day together and they relaxed all day. It was so comfortable and easy!

The Ring & The Proposal

Brendon asked Jayna to marry him in the living room of their home in front of the Christmas tree! Neither of them were feeling very well and she got called into work for an emergency a few hours later! She had a suspicion and took a rapid covid test and she was positive as well so she went right home and they were able to enjoy a nice little engagement honeymoon while in quarantine even though they both felt awful! HOW SWEET!!

Brendon asked Jayna what she wanted in a ring, then he literally did the opposite of everything Jayna told him! But, as it turns out, she absolutely loves the ring! Brendon purchased it from Krekelers Jewelers, a cozy family owned shop in St. Louis.

Why Do You Love Them?

Brendon loves Jayna because she is the most authentic and sweetest person he's ever know in his entire life! He says everyday he wakes up he is so aware of how he can feel totally vulnerable with her and how she's the person he wants to make the most proud of him! (I am definitely NOT crying. SO SWEET!)

Jayna loves Brendon because he is not only her partner in life but also her best friend. He is so giving and goes out of his way to be kind and lift up everyone he meets. She says they are the same kind of goofy and she can be her complete self with him. He is the most fun person she knows!

Favorite Moment Together

Brendon's favorite moment together is dancing together at his cousins wedding while they sang a Luke Combs song and pretending like no one else was there!

Jayna's favorite moment together is going to the city museum and he finally kissed her on the Ferris wheel above the city! Their first date was at the city museum and they both had wanted to make a move on the Ferris wheel then but both were too scared!

Their Song

This couple's song is Light My Love by Greta VanFleet

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"Our engagement session was so fun. We both went into it pretty nervous because neither of us really like taking pictures and we'd both never had professional pictures like this. It was our first time meeting Allie and she was so sweet and she made us feel very comfortable. When wee got back to her studio to narrow down pictures, we were shocked by how incredible they turned out without even being edited yet! We chose Silvernale Photography because we love her style and she does incredible work. The package we chose fit what we were looking for perfectly! - Jayna White

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