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Future Mr. & Mrs. Hadra | Engagement 2021

Meet this gorgeous couple, Elijah & Kaleigh!

When It All Began...

Elijah & Kaleigh had known each other for years through friends and family, but had never officially met each other until high school. Elijah made the first move to start dating and although they wish they had a more 'romantic' story about their beginning, the reality is started talking through Snapchat. (LOL) They have been together for FIVE years now! Their song is Off My Face by Justin Bieber.


"From the beginning of our relationship, I knew I wanted to marry Kaleigh. I just had a feeling that she would be the one. But my feeling that she was the one was solidified even more in August 2020. She approached me and asked me to help her and myself reevaluate our relationships with Christ and dive more into our faith. I never knew that there was one piece missing in our relationship, but whenever we began getting back on track with our walks in Christ, that was my answer. I knew for a fact that she was going to be my wife after that moment" - Elijah Hadra

"There wasn't an exact moment that I knew Elijah was the one, but there have been many, many little moments over the years that have confirmed he is for me." -Kaleigh Fisher

The Ring & Proposal

Elijah popped the question on Valentine's Day 2021. He had been waiting for the perfect time to propose since he bought the ring in August, but every time he was planning on doing it something would happen or get in the way. Finally, he felt it was the time and quickly texted Kaleigh's family that he was going to do it while he was on his way to her house. Kaleigh had no idea what was going on & she was a little upset at Elijah because he threw a wrench into their plans and talked her out of going to church and going to brunch instead. Little did she know, she met him out in the driveway and watched him get down on one knee. Kaleigh was in complete shock and didn't have the reaction she dreamed she would have, but it was all so sweet and she wouldn't have it any other way!

Elijah chose the ring solely relying on his gut. He had ideas of styles that Kaleigh would like but he went a totally different route that what she had shown him. Praise the Lord that it paid off & she loved it! He purchased the ring from the Diamond Galleria in Evansville, IN.

Why Do You Love Them?

Elijah says he loves Kaleigh because she has gone through so much by being with him, and even with everything, she continues to make him feel like the most special person day in and day out.

Kaleigh says she loves Elijah because he is her better half, her safe place, her biggest cheerleader, and the light of her life. He is everything she has prayed for & more.

Favorite Moment Together

Elijah says his favorite moment with Kaleigh is whenever he finally saw her face whenever she realized he was proposing to her and seeing how happy that made her!

Kaleigh said her favorite moment with Elijah is hard to pinpoint but if she had to choose it would be the day they got engaged. They were on cloud 9!

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"Allie captures love in its truest form and her photos show it. I love seeing the pure emotions and feelings shine through them so you can feel it too. We want our photos to radiate the love between us. && we also just love Allie :) -Kaleigh Fisher

They were nervous going into their session about how their outfits would look together & how the weather would be but everything ended up perfectly!

Black + White

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