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Future Mr. & Mrs. Householder | Engagement

Meet this beautiful couple, Bobby & Aryn!

When It All Began...

Bobby & Aryn met during the summer of 2016 when she was home from college. Aryn was working part time at Boot Barn in the mall and Bobby came in to buy a new pair of work boots she was the only person available to help! After getting him checked out, he asked for her number and she gave it to him! They talked for a couple of weeks before going on their first date and the rest has been history! They have now been together for five years! Bobby made the first move on their first date!


Bobby knew Aryn was the one when she met him at his tobacco farm that he had when they first started dating. She willingly came out there to help him and that's when he knew he had a keeper! The work on a tobacco farm is hot and sticky from the crop and she didn't mind, she just wanted to spend time with him!

Aryn always knew Bobby was special in the back of her mind, but she says she thinks she knew he was the one when he came to a football game that she was working when she was in college and it was probably 40 degrees outside. Bobby sat through the entire game by himself and didn't complain on time. Bobby has never been a big football fan but came to those games to see her and it meant the world to Aryn! SO SWEET!

The Ring & Proposal

Bobby had surprised Aryn with fall pictures by a close friend. She had absolutely no idea that he had an engagement up his sleeve! It wasn't until the very end that he proposed! Afterwards, Bobby surprised Aryn with dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant with all of their friends and family!

The ring was purchased from Droste's in Evansville, IN. Aryn had always waned an oval diamond with a halo. She had given Bobby several hints as to what she wanted and he did an amazing job!

Favorite Moment Together

Bobby and Ayrn's favorite moment together is when they got engaged and they got to take pictures down at the Henderson Riverfront. On their first date they went to the Henderson Riverfront during sunset to walk and it was beautiful to see it all come full circle with their engagement!

Why Do You Love Them?

Bobby loves Aryn because she is his balance. She keeps him grounded and has never given up on him! Aryn makes Bobby laugh and smile. She is the one person that he would be lost without in his life!

Aryn loves Bobby because he is always there for her when she needs it the most! He keeps her sane & makes her laugh! Bobby is truly her best friend!

Their Song

Better Together - Luke Combs

This will also be their first dance song! Aryn knew from the moment she heard this song that it would be their song because it described them to a T!

What Did You Love About Your Session?

"Our experience was amazing. Allie was wonderful as usual. She was able to bring out me and Bobby's personality as we are both shy people in front of a camera. I was afraid that Bobby and I would be too shy and there wouldn't be any personality in the pictures but Allie is amazing and made sure that we were laughing and having a great time the entire time! We chose Silvernale Photography for our wedding because she had taken pictures of us in the past and we loved them! We also love her and her pictures are gorgeous! - Aryn Seib

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