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Future Mr. & Mrs. Pohl | Engagement

Meet this beautiful couple, Cody & Callen!

When It All Began...

Cody and Callen met in math class at Gibson Southern High School and soon became high school sweethearts! They have been together since March 4, 2016 - making for almost 6 years! Callen tells us that Cody 'slid into her Instagram DM's and asked for her number' so he definitely made the first move! Their first date consisted of a dinner to Olive Garden to celebrate her birthday and that's when he officially asked her to be his girlfriend!


Cody says he knew Callen was the one when she took him to urgent care after he wrecked his dirt bike! He was 19 and, naturally, didn't think he needed to see a doctor for the wreck but Callen insisted! It turns out that he needed stitches! After it was all over, Callen nursed him back to health by making sure he took his medications and helped him to rewrap his bandages for a week! He knew she was the one by the way she cared for him when he was in need!

Callen knew Cody was the one pretty early, she says, as he has always been so kind and patient with her. She knew he had a heart made of gold! He always took care of her, had a wonderful work ethic, and always talked about their future together!

The Ring & The Proposal

Cody & Callen are both into boating at Kentucky Lake and have been boating there since they were kids. Cody has a boat now so they go together all summer long! The proposal was on December 14, 2018 and Callen had just come home from her first semester at Indiana University. Cody told her that he had found a truck he wanted to purchase down in Kentucky and that they would o to dinner at a nice local restaurant that they both love, Patti's 1800's Settlement, to celebrate her semester being over! When they got to Patti's, they had their big Christmas light trail up and he surprised her by saying there was no truck and he wanted them to go through the Christmas Lights. He ended up proposing at the Christmas lights and her family, his family, and their friends were all waiting for them at dinner and completely surprised her! They all had a nice dinner together and celebrated! Callen says it was wonderful and so special that it happened at a place that was so special to the both of them! Now when they go boating, they stop by Patti's and take photos at the spot he proposed!

Cody bought the ring from Kay Jewelers and actually proposed only 2 days after purchasing it! He just couldn't keep it in his pocket any longer! Cody says he went to Kay three different times by himself to pick out the perfect ring and "settled on the one because it was a Neil Lane and I guess that's what they use on the Bachelor and I know she love the show". (Smart man, haha!!!) Callen didn't give him any inspiration for what type of ring she wanted so he picked based upon what he thought she would like best and she loves it!

Why Do You Love Them?

Cody loves Callen because she is so kind, caring, and motivated! She helps him in anyway that she can, even though he knows how busy she is with school and work. She pushes him to be the best version of himself and is there to comfort him when he's down. She helps guide him in the right direction and has helped him in areas where he is weak. They make a great pair because his weaknesses are her strengths and her weaknesses are his strengths! They support each other in different ways and he is so thankful that they found each other!

Callen loves Cody because he balances her completely. She is a bit of a spitfire and he is calm, patient, and always her rock. He supports her in all her crazy endeavors and is her biggest cheerleader! Callen has been away at college while ehe stayed home to work and drives up to IU almost every single weekend of her semesters to see her! Callen thinks the perfect description of Cody is that when he comes to visit her at college, he always brings a toolkit to fix all the broken stuff at her typical college student apartment, fills up her car with gas and airs up her tires, and takes her out to a nice dinner before he heads back home. He is always helping her in anyway that he can and he does so while smiling ear to ear!

Favorite Moment Together

Cody's favorite moment together was when they spent a week in Mexico together earlier this year! He had never been out of the country so a lot of the travel planning was on Callen and when they finally got to their resort it was the best week of his life! Being able to spend uninterrupted time together as a couple paired with an all inclusive resort was amazing! They ate and drank like crazy people & the amount of time they spent laughing and being goofy together was insane. They had tons of cool experiences and it truly was an unforgettable week for him!

Callen's favorite moment together includes how they just finished building a house together. Cody was the general contractor and spent around year building the house and letting her design it. When the house was finally completed and they were able to eat dinner together in their new kitchen and sit down on their couch and just watch tv together in their new home. She thinks it was so special to her because they were both so happy to finally be finished with building the home. They reminisced about being high schoolers & talking about how one day they would get married and have a house together and how far they had come as a couple. It is such a special memory to her!

Their Song

Their song is Patience by Guns N Roses! They both love classic rock and went to see Guns N Roses in concert together in 2017. They slow danced and both teared up when they finally played Patience live! It describes their relationship because Callen is constantly going 100 miles per hour and stressing about silly stuff and Cody steps in to remind her that everything will be find and she just needs to be patient! The song talks about slowing down and enjoying the little things and Cody is always reminding Callen to do just that!

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"Our engagement session with Allie was absolutely wonderful! We were nervous because we haven't had professional pictures taken in a long time but Allie calmed our nerves and worked her magic! She immediately found the best spots within our location, which was Cody's family farm. She helped us pose naturally and kept us laughing the entire time! It was an absolute blast to work with her! We were nervous prior to our session about our photos looking awkward or too staged. We didn't want to look uncomfortable on camera. Thankfully Allie quickly calmed our nerves by helping us pose naturally and getting real smiles out of us by making us crack up during the session! Even though it was freezing out neither of us looked cold or had red faces thanks to Allie's amazing photography skills! We chose Allie as our wedding photographer because I actually met her at Super Bride Sunday in 2020. Her fun personality made us hit it off with her right away and I looked through her amazing work and needed her to be my photographer! I got to see one of her big wedding albums and it was so gorgeous! I went home and told my mom that we had found our photographer, and I am so grateful that I met her there! - Callen Ambrose

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