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Gordon Family of Southern Illinois | Fall 2020

Meet the beautiful Gordon family!

Michael and Ashton, and their sweet little ones: Bram (8 years old) and Emerie (2 and a half years old).

Family Roles

Michael is definitely the jokester of the group, he is so funny and is always making one of them laugh. Bram has a wild imagination and is the king of "what if" scenarios. Some that he comes up with are completely hilarious while others are totally bizarre, but it is one of their favorite qualities about him. Emmy is definitely the typically baby of the family. She rules the roost and has everyone wrapped around her finger. Her best quality is her infecious giggle. She can get most everyone rolling laughing with just a little giggle.

Favorite Things to do Together

As a family, they love to go camping. When they go camping, it is always a special time with just the four of them and their dogs. They love that they can relax, let loose, and enjoy being with each other without being bogged down by other activities.

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"Aside from Allie being so down to earth and easy to work with, I absolutely loved being able to go in and look at the photos immediately. She was so willing to just head back out and get another couple shots to ensure a quality photo. She puts forth every effort to ensure her client is satisfied and not just buying whatever you're given" Ashton Gordon

Black + White Love

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