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Guinevere Jane Graef | 18 Month Milestone

family photo mother and daughters

This spunky little girl is officially 18 months old! We had a blast with her during her Valentine inspired session!

toddler girl in photo session

toddler girl in valentine photo session

toddler girl sticking tongue out

toddler girl in valentine photo session

A Few Of Her Favorites

Guin loves playing outside, blankie, and Miss Rachel! Her favorite food is CHEESE! She loves bath time, nap time, and car rides. She has begun to love dressing herself and putting on her shoes! Her favorite person is definitely her daddy but Grammy is a close second!

toddler girl smiling

toddler girl pouting

How She's Grown

Over the last 6 months, her personality has really taken off! She's so smart and selfless. She loves helping to take care of her baby sister. She is starting to try to say more words and sometimes will sing before she goes to sleep. She is definitely starting to test boundaries but watching her learn is her mama's favorite thing! She now has twelve teeth!

baby girl smiling in valentine session

baby girl in valentine session

Favorite Part Of Our Session?

"My favorite part of every session is how much Allie cares to get the perfect shots! & this time, Guin's endless tongue sticking out. LOL" -Shantel Graef

baby girl smiling

baby girl

Black + White

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