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Guinevere Jane & Harper Grace | Cousins Fall 2022

This pair of cuties are officially 15 months old & it doesn't get much sweeter! Guinevere and Harper are exactly two weeks apart and the absolute best of cousin friends!

All About Guinevere

This beautiful girl loves her blankie, her daddy, and being outside! She is also particularly fond of bath time & her sweet little sister, Sophia. Over the last few months, she has started running...everywhere and climbing on everything! She is a complete monkey! Her favorite person is likely a toss up between daddy & grammy! Right now, Guin has seven teeth! She is really into blowing kisses and telling people "bye bye" when they're leaving or when she is ready to leave somewhere! It is Guin's world and we're just living in it!

All About Harper

This sweet girl loves her lovey, being outside, dancing, and talking! Over the last few months, she has begun to talk a lot more and show more facial expressions! Among her favorite people are her daddy and her big brother, Luke! Harper grace now has SEVEN teeth! She is learning all the parts of the body, in particular, where the belly button is!

Why Silvernale Photography?

"I love how patient and non judgmental Allie is & how she has always treated me like a long lost friend!" -Kylee Bowles

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