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Haley Wright | 2021 Ultimate Senior Model

Meet Haley Anne Wright!

Haley is a senior at Mount Carmel High School. She enjoys running and playing sports. She is a member of the basketball, track and soccer teams.

Future Plans

After high school, she plans to attend Eastern Illinois University, studying kinesiology. She is in hopes to become an athletic trainer. In five years, she hopes to be out of college and living on her own. In ten years, she hopes to be married and doing the job that she loves.

Favorite Things

For fun, she and her friends love to drive around with music blaring and watch scary movies late at night. Haley's favorite thing is to work hard for track. Her favorite person is her grandpa. She believes her best feature is her red hair. Her idol is Michael Jordan. If she could anyone, dead or alive, it would be him.

Life Goal

Haley's life goal is to not have any regrets when she's older, so she can say she lived her life to the fullest.

Social Media

Instagram: @haley_wright12. Facebook: Haley Wright

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