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Hunter Tice | Class of 2020

Meet Hunter Lee Tice!

Hunter is a 2020 graduate from Mount Carmel high school.

Hobbies & Interests

Hunter loves to hunt, fish, and hang out with his friends. When he is with his friends, they like to play football, basketball or shoot pool in his garage.

Future Plans

Hunter will be attending Olney Central College or Wabash Valley College to study to become a welder. In five years, he sees himself getting out of college and becoming a full-time welder. In ten years, he sees himself waking up everyday, going to work and coming home to his family every night.

More About Hunter

Hunter's favorite people in his life are his grandma, Diane Bradley, and his grandpa, Rocky Bradley. His favorite thing is his truck because it belonged to his grandpa. His idol is his grandma. If he could meet anyone, dead or alive, Hunter would like to meet Juice WRLD or his grandpa.

Social Media

Facebook: Hunter Tice Instagram: @hunterticetice

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