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Introducing the Future Mr & Mrs Speir | Engagement Photo shoot

Meet this Beautiful Couple,

Colton & Mandi!

How did you two meet?

Colton and Mandi met in preschool, but they didn’t really associate much until middle school.

How long have you been together? 

With one small exception.. We have been together since eighth grade February 18, 2008! Although Colton use to argue that it was the 19th. Mandi’s mom was in the hospital with a kidney stone which is how we remembered the date.

Who made the first move to start dating

That was a long time ago, I really can’t remember. I’m sure Colton asked first but I’m also pretty positive I was the one reaching out on the ever so popular msn messenger!

When did you know they were the one

It has always been pretty obvious to Colton there would never be another girl he fit with as well as Mandi.

Mandi knew Colton was the one when she realized there was no one else she would rather spend her life with, and there was no one else that is going to fit me so perfectly and know me as well as Colton does.

The big proposal

We say it was in Mandi’s favorite place when people ask. No one ever thinks we’re being serious when we tell them that it was In our Living room, Friday night, February 18. She’s a bit of a homebody most of the time.

Let’s talk about that ring! Why’d you pick that one? And where’s it from?

Colton went without Mandi knowing, just a couple weeks after Mandi going and looking without Colton knowing! They both went to the diamond galleria in Evansville (had never talked about a place to get it either) Before asking Mandi Colton wanted to make sure it was her favorite. The first ring he chose was a little to busy for Mandi, so they went back together and her favorite was actually his second choice. Colton will probably always be a little mad they were so close yet didn’t pick the same one! (Also the store closed down soon after that)

Why do you love them?

Mandi is the prettiest girl I’ve ever known and she seems to like me back. She is a hard worker, kind hearted, very smart, and a great cook. She keeps me grounded. She isn’t full of herself and can trade sarcasm with me. I work hard to constantly improve myself to keep up with how great she is.

When Mandi realized there’s no one else I’d rather spend her life with she knew Colton was the one. There’s no one that fits her so perfectly and knows her so well.

Your favorite moment together?

Coltons favorite moments are usually at home when something funny happens and Mandi laughs until she cries and can’t get a word out.

There is no specific moment I could choose, but something recent and quiet with just us at home talking since we got engaged. There’s something different about it. Or on a date night in a new restaurant at a place I want to try- Both semi out of our element.

What’s your song? 

I’m not sure we have one, but we are going to have to choose one soon!

How was your experience during your engagement session?

It was great! Allie is very down to earth and tells you exactly what to do and where. Not bossy, but knows what she’s doing. She’ had never shot in or looked at the location we chose before but came up with so many ideas on the spot! We love how they turned out!

What was one thing you were nervous about prior to your session and what was the outcome?

Mandi woke up that morning and could hardly turn her neck from sleeping on it wrong. We had already rescheduled because of rain, so she powered through. You can’t tell at ALL in the pictures. Allie is great and made everything seem natural. 

Why did you choose Silvernale Photography as your wedding photographer? 

Mandi and Colton looked through photographers in the area and even in Evansville, Mandi really liked Allie’s style the best and never saw any bad wedding pictures from her. After a lot of deliberation, we just went for it.

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