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JaLynn Seal Ultimate Senior Model | 2022

Meet the absolutely stunning, JaLynn Diane Seal! JaLynn is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School!

A Few Of Her Favorites

JaLynn enjoys art, ice hockey, crocheting, reading, hiking/backpacking, and kayaking! She says her favorite feature about herself is her personality. She loves making people happy and being able to help people! In their free time, JaLynn and her friends like to go fishing, rollerskating, hiking, and camping! Her favorite thing is her music box she got when she was young! It is a porcelain grand piano with roses! Her favorite person is her boyfriend because he is her best friend and a great person! JaLynn says her mother is her idol because she's been great to her even in hard times. She is very happy to have her! If JaLynn could meet anyone, it would be James Patterson because she is a huge fan of his books!

Future Plans

JaLynn plans to attend Wabash Valley College where she will pursue her associates degree and then transfer to get her CPC, medical coding certification! She would also like to become a nurse! In 5 years, JaLynn can see herself working on building her career and possibly engaged! In 10 years, she would like to be able to start building a home and be married! Her biggest life goal is is to be happy and to be able to be the person that has a safe home open to everyone!

Social Media

JaLynn shares with us that her favorite social media platform is Facebook!


JaLynn is a member of Scouts BSA, Honor Society for Scouts and Art Club!

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