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Jenna Kroger | 2023 Ultimate Senior Model

Meet the absolutely stunning, Jenna Nicole Kroger. She is a senior this year at Castle High School.

A Few Of Her Favorites

Jenna enjoys boating, swimming, and cheering! She says her favorite feature about herself is her eyes! In their free time, Jenna and her friends like to go swimming and go out to eat together! Her favorite thing to do is watch storm clouds move in! Jenna shares with us that her favorite person is her sister because she always makes her laugh and is fun to be around! Her idol is her grandpa & if she could meet anyone, it would be her grandma who passed before she was born!


Jenna is a member of the Castle Cheer squad, Pep club, FCA, and 4H!

Future Plans

Jenna has plans to attend Purdue University where she will study Atmospheric Science/Meteorology in hopes of becoming a meteorologist! In 5 years, she can see herself graduating college and beginning her career! In 10 years, Jenna says she can see herself buying a house and starting a family! She says her biggest life goal is to continue to be a role model and example for others!

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