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Jocelyn Turns Seven Years Old | Winter 2023

seven year old gymnast

Introducing the very athletic, Jocelyn! This bright young girl is now officially 7 years old! We love watching her grow & we can't believe she is already 7 years old!

Gymnast with chalk

A Few Of Her Favorites

This growing girl loves LOL dolls & Rainbow High dolls. Her favorite colors are pink, purple, blue, and orange. She loves Gabbys Doll House, painting, playing with her sister, going outside and playing, fishing, and riding her bike! Her favorite foods are deer meat & Mac N Cheese! Jocelyns favorite people are her brothers & her mom and dad! Her hero is her mom!


Gymnast with chalk

Future Plans

When Jocelyn grows up, she wants to become a hairstylist and/or a gymnast!


Special Skills/Talents

Jocelyn is exceptional at drawing and painting. She is also also great at gymnastics specifically the splits and back bends!


Favorite Part Of Your Session?

"She loved being on the bars and clapping the chalk!" -McKenzie Taylor


Black & White

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