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Joleigh Keeling - Class of 2022

Meet the absolutely stunning, Dorothy Joleigh Keeling! She is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School! Joleigh enjoys running and hanging out with her friends!

Future Plans

Joleigh plans to attend Wabash Valley College where she intends to study Nursing so she can help those in need! In 5 years, Joleigh can see herself finishing up college. In 10 years, she says she can see herself having a family and being successful. Joleigh's biggest life goal is to be successful and always stay humble!

A Few Of Her Favorites

Joleigh tells us that her favorite feature about herself is her hair because it is unique and makes her stand out! In their free time, Joleigh and her friends like to go swimming and go out to eat. She shares that her favorite thing is her family. Her favorite person is her boyfriend, Quintin. Joleigh shares that her idol is her Grandpa Medler because he was a very kind and honorable man who would always help others. If she could meet anyone, it would be her Great Grandma Dorothy!

Social Media

Instagram: _.joleigh._

Joleigh shares with us that her favorite social media platform is Instagram because she can see all her friend's and family's posts!

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