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Keepes Family | Fall 2021

Meet the Keepes/Smith/Prosise family! This family features Kevin, Carla, Derek, Megan, Haleigh(10), Harper(8), Hunter(5), Tyler, Mariah, Madyson, and Matthew.

Note From Silvernale Photography

This family is near and dear to our hearts here at Silvernale Photography. Our Social Media Manager, Shantel, has been lifelong friends with Carla & Kevin's daughter, Madyson, and has witnessed first hand, the struggles and triumph this family has endured the last few years. When we asked Carla to answer some typical blog questions to be able to write this up, the information that Carla provided is simply too beautiful to alter in any way. This is them, this is raw & real, and this is their story.

"Our Family Blog" written by Carla Keepes

We received a gift from WGH giving tree last year for a family portrait, which I had been wanting for awhile. This family, what can I say, is very blessed immensely by the grace of God. For the last few years, dealing with the big C word, Cancer. We are a strong, loving, and caring family. We have three grand babies at this time with one more coming in January that we are so excited about. They are the blessing in our hearts. There is always a ray of sunshine when they are all around.

Some of our favorite things to do, camping together. I would have a bad week with the chemo, and the following week they would have a camping trip picked out for us and did everything for us during the weekend. We also like to go to St. Louis to the Cardinal games, and, also, sing Take Me Out To the Ball Game. It is such a joy to see all the grandkids singing together. Another thing we enjoy is having family chowders. My father started many years ago, Derek and Megan have continued to host it at their house. We eat chowder and then sit around the fire pit and sing our favorite songs.

I, also, want to mention my son, Tyler. He is an Afghanistan war warrior and we are so proud of the work he did for our country.

Then, there is my husband, Kevin. He has given up so much for me through this cancer, I love him so,

Finally, there is my best friend, my daughter, Madyson. She is always by my side through it all. Every night we say goodnight via text message and I Love You. I am so excited to see the parents that her and Matt will be to this precious bundle of joy coming.

2 Corinthians 13:14 May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all!" - Carla Keepes

What Did You Love Most About Your Session?

"We enjoyed the photoshoot with Allie, she made it so easy, laid back and enjoyable. You can tell she loves what she is doing and also loves her family and Christ. We love the Silvernale Family and thank you for all that you have done for our family." - Carla Keepes

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