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Kinsey Morris - Class of 2022

Meet the absolutely beautiful, Kinsey Michelle Morris! Kinsey is a senior this year at North High School. She enjoys crocheting and doing makeup!

Future Plans

Although Kinsey is undecided on where she would like to attend college, she is sure that her major of choice will be nursing! When she grows up, Kinsey wants to be a surgical nurse. In 5 years, she says she can see herself hopefully nearing the end of her schooling career and in 10 years, she hopes to find herself with a stable job and maybe even be lucky enough to be a mother (sweet!!!). Kinsey's biggest life goal is to be satisfied with herself.


Kinsey has been a cheerleader for 7 years and is also a member of the psychology club!

A Few of Her Favorites

Kinsey shares with us that her favorite feature about herself is her hair because it's hard to miss! In their free time, Kinsey and her friends usually chill out or watch movies for fun. Sometimes, there is an occasional shopping trip! Her favorite thing is coffee. Kinsey wasn't able to narrow down just one favorite person - she shares that her family, her boyfriend, and God are all her favorites because they are her #1 supporters and get her through so much! When we asked her who her idol was, she asked if coffee was an option... And to that we answer, YES! YES, coffee is definitely an option. LOL. If she could meet anyone it would be J.R.R Tolkien because he was such a genius being able to create an entire world that influenced so many! (INSIDER TIP FROM KINSEY: He wrote the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, along with any others!)

Social Media

Instagram: @k.misha.morris

Snapchat: @kinsey1190

Kinsey shares that her favorite social media platform is snapchat because it is her main form of communication!

Black + White

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