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Kinze Cusick - Class of 2022

Meet the absolutely stunning, Kinze Cusick. Kinze is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School. She enjoys spending time with her friends and boyfriend, being outside, and shopping! She also enjoys cheerleading and soccer!

Future Plans

Kinze plans to attend Wabash Valley College after high school but is currently undecided in what she would like to study but she is interested in becoming a teacher! In 5 years, she says she can see herself finishing up college and living with her friends and in 10 years, Kinze can see herself teaching English at MCHS and married to the love of her life!

What She Loves To Do

She has been involved in cheerleading all four years of high school and is also a member of the girls soccer team. Kinze is an active member of FBLA, Aces for Christ, Carmel Crazies, and the WPC youth group!

A Few of Her Favorites

Kinze shares with us that her favorite feature about herself is her smile! She LOVES cheering on the Aces under the Friday Night Lights! She also enjoys hanging out outside or deriving around and listening to her favorite music with her friends.

Kinze says her favorite person is her boyfriend, Zeke.

Her idol is Jesus Christ and if she Ould meet anyone it would be her Grandpa Bill.

Life Goal

Kinze says her biggest life goal is to be successful and happy!

Social Media

Instagram: kine_cusick

Snapchat: @kcusick04!

Kinze says her favorite social media platform is snapchat because she loves sending funny videos back and forth with her amazing friends!

Black + White

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