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Knox Alan Smith Celebrates His First Year | 2021

Knox Alan Smith was born at Deaconness Gateway Women's Hospital on February 20, 2020, at 2:36 pm. He was seven pounds, five ounces, and 19.75 inches long.

The Name, Knox

The Smiths found Knox's name by scrolling through Etsy. Once they saw it they knew it was the one. Knox's middle name, Alan, is his daddy's middle name.

Favorite Things

He loves his lovey giraffe, books, and being outside. Throughout his first year, he has loved to eat, be outside, snuggling with mama and daddy, sleeping, exploring new food, and playing with his dogs and toys. His favorite person is his grandpa.

Big Personality

Knox has started to laugh all the time. He also says DADA and ByeBye. He has just started to recognize people and things. He just started walking on the day before his first birthday. He started to take new confident steps and now the crawling is few and far between. This Little Man is on the move!

What Did You Love Most About Your Sessions Throughout His First Year?

"Seeing him transform, his newborn photos he slept the entire time, at six months he just started sitting up unassisted, and now his one-year photos he wouldn't stay still and crawled everywhere!" - Tiffanie Smith

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