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Landon Lagow | Class Of 2023

Introducing Mr. Landon Michael Lagow! He is a senior this year at Mount Carmel High School!

A Few Of His Favorites

Landon enjoys playing soccer and pickle ball! He says his favorite feature about himself is his smile. In their free time, Landon and his friends enjoy playing pickle ball, basketball, football, and going out to eat! His favorite thing to do is to be at the soccer field at night shooting the ball by himself or with the rest of the team! His favorite person is his girlfriend, Alex! His hero is his mom because she is always there for him and will help him with anything! SO SWEET! If Landon could meet anyone it would be Leo Messi!

Future Plans

Landon plans to attend college at Wabash Valley College and is undecided on where he would like to go after! He plans to study psychology! When Landon grows up, he wants to be a therapist! In 5 years, he says he can see himself out of college and potentially moving to Texas! In 10 years, Landon says he can see himself starting a life with his girlfriend and having a family of their own! His biggest life goal is to succeed and have a good career!


Landon plays soccer for his school and he also plays indoor soccer in the winter!

Social Media

Instagram: Landon Lagow

Snapchat: lagow303

Landon shares that his favorite social media platform is Snapchat because he likes to keep streaks and snap his girlfriend!

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