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Layni Andrews - Class of 2022

Meet the absolutely ROYAL, Layni Andrews!

Layni is a senior this year at Red Hill High School. She enjoys cheerleading, spending time with her friends and family, & doing all things QUEEN! Layni is Miss Lawrence County 2021!

Interests, Hobbies, and Extracurriculars

Layni is a cheerleader as well as being involved with FCA and student council!

Future Plans

Layni shares with us that she will attend Vincennes University for two years and then plans to transfer to a school in Evansville, IN. She intends to study social work/counseling. She wants to make an impact on people in need, especially kids! In 5 years, Layni can see herself finishing up college and settling down with her boyfriend. In 10 years, Layni shares that she sees herself packing up and moving south!

Favorite Things

Layni's favorite feature about herself is her eyes. Her favorite things to do with friends are shopping and getting their nails done! She shares that her favorite things are her puppies & her favorite person is her sister! Layni says her idols are her parents! One person that she would love to meet is Queen Elizabeth!

Social Media

Layni says her favorite social media platform is Instagram because she likes to see what her friends are up to!

Instagram - @layni.andrews

Black & White

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