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Lexi Fisher - Class of 2022

Meet this beautiful senior, Lexi Fisher!

Lexi is senior at Mount Carmel High School. She enjoys being outside, spending time with her family and friends, studying the Bible, shopping, and visiting the beach!

Future Plans

Lexi plans to attend Wabash Valley College. She is currently interested in radiology but is undecided on what route she wants to take that in. Lexi tells us that in 5 years she can see herself living with her best friends, finishing up college, and having fun! In 10 years, she hopes to be married to the love of her life & starting a family!

Hobbies, Interests, and Extracurriculars

Lexi is a 4th year cheerleader for the Aces and also plays soccer. She is a member of the National Honors Society, FBLA, Carmel Crazies, and Aces for Christ!

Favorite Things

Lexi says that people often tell her that her best feature is her hair! Lexi shares that her favorite thing is Football Fridays!! GO ACES! For fun, she likes to drive around town with her friends and be their crazy selves. Lexi shares that her favorite person is her sister, Kaleigh and her idol is Sadie Robertson. Lexi's main goal in life is to 'just be happy'. She also shares that if she could meet anyone, it would be her great grandparents!

Social Media

Lexi shares that her favorite social media is Snapchat because it's how she is able to talk to her friends and see their beautiful faces.

Snapchat - lrf2004

Instagram - @lexi__fish

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