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Lexi Holder 2022 Little Miss Ag Days

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Introducing the gorgeous, Lexi Holder! Lexi is the 2022 Winner of Little Miss Ag Days!

A Few Of Her Favorites

Lexi's favorite color is pink and she LOVES snow, sharks, and monkeys! Currently, her favorite movie is Despicable Me! In her free time, Lexi loves to go swimming and play Roblox! Her favorite food is spaghetti & her favorite person is her baby brother, Bryce! Lexi loves spending time with her grandma, who she affectionately calls "Ma" and Patrick. She shares with us that her favorite part of the Little Miss Ag Days competition this year was winning the title!

Future Plans

When Lexi grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian!

Special Skills & Hero

Lexi's mom shares that she is very good at gymnastics and the person she looks up to the most is JoJo Siwa!

Black & White

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