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Linson Boys | Fall 2022

Meet this gorgeous trio, Melanie, Keegan(13), and Ketner(6) Linson!

All About Keegan

Keegan's favorite color is camo. He loves any movie with Adam Sandler. His favorite things to do are hunt, fish, and ride 4 wheelers! Keegans favorite food is deer steak! When Keegan grows up he wants to do something that will make him lots of money! His favorite people are his family and he loves spending time with his mom and dad! (SO SWEEET!!!) His heroes are his parents! Mom shares that his special skills fall among sports! He loves basketball and baseball! Keegan's favorite things about his sessions with Silvernale Photography are that he gets bribed with Taco if it goes quickly and smoothly! (LOL). Keegan can be such a good big brother. He loves to take Ketner 4 wheeler riding and fishing. Mom loves the big heart he has for his family! Keegan loves to pick on Ketner when it's just them but as soon as they are in a different situation he becomes the big brother and protector! Keegan is quite the jokester!

All About Ketner

Ketner's favorite color is black. His favorite movie is Sonic. His favorite thing to do is go fishing. Ketner's favorite food is pizza! When Ketner grows up, he wants to be a police officer! His favorite person is his daddy and he loves spending time with him! His hero is his mama. Ketner's mom, Melanie, shares with us that sports are among his special skills as well! He loves to play! Ketner says his favorite thing about his sessions with Silvernale Photography is that he gets to pose and smile! Ketner is growing up so fast! Mom shares that she loves watching him grow into his own person and personality! Fun Fact - Ketner is GIRL CRAZY! Ketner loves to act innocent but is quite the instigator! He loves his big brothers and looks up to all of them!

Favorite Thing & Favorite Memory

The Linson's love doing anything together as a family! Camping, fishing... they love being outdoors!

Although mom wasn't able to pick just one favorite memory, she did share that every year, the family takes a canoeing trip and she loves to watch how all the kids have changed and grown!

What Did You Love Most About Your Session with Silvernale Photography?

"I am so thankful to have Allie for so many reasons...this is just one of the many! She's watched my kids grow over the years and seeing them change and grow through the lens! She loves my boys and I'm so thankful for a praying friend!" -Melanie Linson

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