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Linson Family of Southern Illinois Takes Family Photos at the Azalea Path

Meet the Linson family!

J.C. and Melanie Linson, and kids: Parker (19), Reese (16), Keegan (11), and Ketner (3).


Parker has such a big heart and as a desire to serve others in the health care field. He is a CNA and loved his job at the nursing home with the elderly. He is now at the hospital working and also going to school working towards a career in Nursing. His desire to take care of others in these times of their lives shows his pure heart! Parker also loves the outdoors. He enjoys going fishing and hunting trips with his dad.

Parker’s role in the family is being their fly by night type of guy. He has many wants and dreams but he wants them now! Then a few days later, he has changed his mind and is onto the next thing.


Reese is growing up on us and recently turned 16! Reese enjoys riding his dirt bike, fishing, hunting, and spending time with his friends and family. He also enjoys playing baseball and soccer.

Reese’s role in the family is being a hands-on worker. He enjoys learning how to fix things like his dirt bikes, working with his dad on the roof, and installing doors.


Keegan loves to be outside playing sports - baseball, basketball and football, he loves fishing, hunting, and riding the four-wheeler. He is crazy and loves to make people laugh. He also enjoys playing Fortnite online with his friends . . . and tormenting Ketner.

Keegan’s role is being the crazy kid. He is 100 miles a minute 24/7. He enjoys helping his dad and making money. He is money-driven and wants to learn how to do things and fix stuff.


Ketner is the baby of the family...and he knows it! He is our entertainment, our cuddle bug, and our sour patch. One minute he’s sweet and loving and the next he is a little turd…he’s a threenager! He loves hanging with the big boys, fishing, pretend hunting and he is a big storyteller.

Ketner’s role in the family is being the mimicker. Monkey sees, monkey do. He is also the storyteller! He has a huge imagination and loves to tell stories about deer and turkey hunting, as well as riding his dirt bike to his friend’s houses.


From Melanie, J.C. is one of the hardest workers. He is selfless and always willing to drop everything to help someone out. He is a very loving and affectionate husband and father.

His role in the family is being a nut! He is so funny and up to something all the time. He likes to tell stories and leave you hanging not knowing if he’s telling the truth or pulling your leg. He’s all about having a good time.


From Allie, Melanie is the heartbeat of the home. She is the queen surrounded by all her handsome men in her life. She is the glue that keeps everything running together in the home. Melanie has no idea how incredible of a mother she is to all four of these boys. All four of these boys make her heart beat faster with a love so proud there are no words to even describe. As her friend, I have sat with her as she has worried, cared, praised, and loved each and every one of them in their own unique ways. I have also been blessed to watch JC and Melanie's relationship grow over the past 9 years I have been in their lives, and there are no words to describe how amazing it is to see them together now - its a love and Christ-centered relationship to be envied by many. I have watched their love for each other grow stronger now than it ever was before - when most would be getting divorced by this time in their marriage - they have thrived! Mel's love for her husband is the kind that gives you goosebumps as you reflect back on it all. I have had the privilege to be best friends with this woman who I look up to in so many ways, and I have had the honor of photographing their family for nine years now, and I could not love them all anymore. I truly care for them like my own. I love you, Mel, you and your amazing family, and I am incredibly blessed to know you and call you one of my very best friends. Thank you for always being there for me and I cannot wait to cherish the many more memories I plan to make together.

Favorite Family Activities

As a family, they love to go hunting, fishing, camping, sports, and just about anything! Family time is very important to them, it’s all about making memories and spending time together.

Favorite Memories

Favorite memories together include family vacations to Florida and their yearly canoe trip at current river. Any small weekend trips like Monster Jam or St. Louis Cardinals games. The boys agreed that one of their favorite memories was when Ketner was born. They love their baby brother.

Azalea Path

The Azalea Path location has special memories for JC and Melanie. JC and Melanie said "I do!" at the Azalea Path 9 years ago on May 7, 2011. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony in the middle of the gorgeous Azalea Path that brings back wonderful memories to cherish forever which made it the perfect location to celebrate their 9 year anniversary by taking some updated family photos.

Why They Love Silvernale Photography

“I love Allie personally and professionally. She loves her job and it shows through her work. I love that she will do whatever is needed to get “the perfect shot” and that she goes along with my sometimes crazy ideas! I am so very thankful for her! She is an amazing photographer and friend.” - Melanie.

A Little Black and White Love

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