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Lora Judge - Class of 2022

Meet this beautiful senior, Lora Judge!

Lora is a senior at Mount Carmel High School. She is interested in art. Her favorite feature about herself is her personality.

Hobbies, Interests, and Extracurriculars

Lora is involved in National Honors Society as well as Interact Club!

Future Plans

Lora plans to attend SEMO to study pre-law. She hopes to become a lawyer. In five years, she says she can see herself in law school and in ten years, she can see herself being a lawyer and living around friends and family!

A Few of Her Favorites

Lora shares that her and her friends like to drive around and bake in their free time. Her favorite things are her friends and coffee. Lora says her favorite person is her sister, Kristen and her idol is her father, Joe! If Lora could meet anyone she would choose Kendall Jenner.

Social Media

Lora says her favorite social media platform is Instagram since you can post whatever and whenever you want!

Instagram - @ay.its.Lora

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